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Growing  together

Our goal with young people is that they grow in their connection with Jesus.

We  meet  on  wednesday's!

6:30  PM

15495 W Whitesbridge Ave, Kerman, CA

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ReGen Youth
Youth ministry of La Vina Covenant church!
Every Wednesday at 6:30 pm! 

Meet  the  youth  group  leaders

Get  to  know  me

Brian Lemus

What's up! I'm Brian, I'm a youth leader here at LVCC. A husband to my beautiful wife. A dog dad. And Crocs lover. God has placed in my heart to help lead young men and be there walking with and guiding them throughout their teenage lives. 

Romans 12:21 

Do not allow yourself to be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.

Get  to  know  me

Chelsea Weber

Born and raised in Kerman, I love serving the youth and children of my hometown. God has given me a heart to walk with the young as they discover the God who created them, loves them and calls them. I am passionate about cross-cultural connection and I believe that I have been called to be a builder of bridges for the Kingdom of God. I simply love Jesus and am grateful for the opportunity to serve him with my life. When I am not meeting with students or teaching Bible studies, I also enjoy family trips to Disneyland, playing with my niece and nephews, riding horses, and watching a good musical. 
C.S. Lewis once said, "The more we let God take care of us, the more truly we become ourselves." I can confirm it with all my heart. Surrender is scary, but what you gain is life with purpose and life abundant!


He has made everything beautiful in his time. He has also put eternity in the human heart; however, no one can understand what God has done from beginning to end.

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